Everything You Need To Know About Your Engine Oil Change

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For the step-by-step instruction about how to change your oil, read this article.

How often should you change your engine oil?

For the best answer, you may want to consult your owner’s manual as it depends on your car and engine.

But basically, for most modern cars, you need to change your oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles (8,000 to 12,000km) or every year. Some cars might go as far as 15,000 miles between services.

Also most modern will automatically tell you when it’s time to change your oil. It will display a warning on your dashboard display.

What happens if you don’t change your oil and ​​why an oil change is important?

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. It lubricates and protects the most important parts of your engine by reducing friction.

The second role of oil is to cool your engine. As the oil age, it becomes thicker and loses its ability to absorb the heat of the engine.

Over time the oil of your engine deteriorates. As it thickens, your engine has to work harder to move all its components and it increases your fuel consumption.

Changing your oil at the required interval is the best way to maximize your car’s reliability and get the best performance out of your car.

How often do you need to replace the oil filter?

You should replace your oil filter every second time you get your car’s oil changed.

Will oil change improve your car performance and improve gas mileage?

Yes! At least regular oil changes keep the permanence of your car optimal. As your oil degrades over time, an oil change restores the performance of your car.

Does an electric car require an oil change?

Nope, lucky you! 

Electric cars are powered by electric motors that do not require changing the oil.

How long does an oil change take?

Nowadays you can get an oil change for 15 minutes while staying comfortably in your car. If you do it yourself, you may expect 20 to 45 minutes depending on your car and your level of expertise.

An oil change cost about $30 – $70 depending on the oil you buy… but it can cost you as low as $25 if you do it yourself!

What oil change is best for your car? Should you use synthetic oil in your engine?

Synthetic oil is more expensive than regular oil but it has better properties that will preserve your engine in the long run.

  • Synthetic oil has a low viscosity at both low and high temperatures.
  • Overall better chemical keeps its performance longer than regular oil.
  • Better resistance to oxidation
  • Overall less evaporative loss

Using regular oil is cheaper, however, keep in mind that more and more modern car requires synthetic oil.

Will an oil change void warranty?

If your oil change is done by any certified professional, it will not void your warranty. Except if your car gets damaged as a result of a bad oil change, in this situation it will void your warranty.

If you’re planning to do your own oil change, make sure to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer (mentioned in your owner’s manual).

However what is sure is that if you don’t do your regular oil change, it may void the warranty as the car has not been maintained properly.

Will an oil change be reported to Carfax?

Yes and No!

Some places will report an oil change to Carfax which is good to prove your good maintenance record if you plan to sell your car.

However not every place does it. So when changing your oil, don’t hesitate to ask if it will be reported to the Carfax history of the car.

Now if you do the oil change privately, it will not be reported.

Will an oil change stop the car from overheating?

Somewhat yes…

Especially if you’ve forgotten to do your oil change for a long time. As the oil thickens, it does not lubricate your engine as well.

Your engine ends up working harder. Oil is also used as a coolant to move heat from one part of the engine to another part. 

So if you’re facing an overheating issue, an oil change may solve your problem…

Everything You Need To Know About Your Engine Oil Change

Regular oil change as defined by your owner’s manual is mandatory to preserve the good condition of your cars. Especially that nowadays it has become inexpensive you fast to get done.

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