Does Using Your Air Conditioner Use More Gas?

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If you have ever wondered whether using an air conditioner would make your car guzzle more gas, you’re not alone. Many people wonder whether their cooling system could be detrimental to the environment and to their wallets because they hear conflicting reports about this common household appliance. So, is it better to use an air conditioner or not? Here are some things you should know before turning on the AC this summer.

Does Your Car’s Air Conditioner Use Gas?

Whether you’re looking to save a few bucks on gas or trying to reduce your carbon footprint, every little bit helps. One of those ways is by making sure you aren’t wasting fuel as you drive down the road. Most drivers don’t think about how their car uses gas when they turn on their air conditioner, but it does in fact use up more fuel than you think. To save money and help with global warming, try lowering your AC setting.

Can You Really Save Gas By Driving Without AC?

Rather than giving a simple yes! or no! answer, it’s more complicated. That’s because you need to consider the specifications of your vehicle and what type of AC compressor it has.

The truth is that there may be gas savings with the AC off and windows up, but the savings would be minor.

What About Opening The Windows?

If you have the AC on while driving, your fuel usage will be lower than if you run the windows down. Why?

This is because the car’s windows being up increases the vehicle’s aerodynamics. When you open the window, this increases the drag and the friction on your vehicle.

What Are Better Ways To Improve Gas Mileage?

Instead of trying to save a little bit on your ac, here is a better way to save on gas:

Tire pressure:

Underinflated tires have a big impact on your gas mileage so don’t forget to check the pressure regularly.

Drive conservatively

To lower your gas bill avoid sudden acceleration and hard braking. Try to predict the situation and drive accordingly.

Regular maintenance

If you follow your maintenance schedule, you will improve a lot on your gas consumption and your car’s resale value will be better!


Although AC uses more gas, it is advisable to use it in hot weather. When driving, you don’t want to feel and uncomfortable hot from the sun, so it is best to keep cool. If you’re thinking about opening your window, think twice!. Opened window causes more friction and drags on your vehicle increasing your gas bill. So if you fill too hot, stick with your AC.

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